Za Za’s Baby Brother by Lucy Cousins

Zaza’s Baby Brother is another brightly illustrated story by Lucy Cousins. It is the story of a new arrival in the household and the adjusting and bonding undertaken by the older sibling. This is a very timely feature book in one of our TMC families, as we await the arrival of a baby brother of our own, so the story and activities will serve as the perfect social story to prepare the big sister for the coming months! Watch the Zaza’s Baby Brother animation below and then try your hand at our simple activities.


Art Prompt ~ Sewing Zebra Stripes

Our five year old artist decided to work with an image from the book, but for younger artists we suggest a parent/child collaboration where the adult draws the zebra outline (perhaps a mummy and a baby) and the child adds the stripes and extra features.

Art Prompt ~ Family Portraits


Draw picture frames on to white cartridge papers using a black marker pen or fine liner, then hand the pen over to your little one to fill with images of your family. The portraits can be coloured with watercolours if you like, or you can steer your young artist into adding more details with the black pen and leaving the work monotone in a bold, black and white ‘zebra’ theme.


Art Prompt ~ Painting Stripes

This art prompt is to engage our younger children.  They can immerse themselves in painting on black and white ‘stripes’ to transform their horses into zebras! 

We then washed off the paint before it dried, ready to do it all over again on the next rainy day. 


Play Prompt ~ Sensory Play

‘Zaza’s Baby Brother’ inspired sensory play with cotton wool, mini zebras and a collection of baby themed items from the baby shower section of our local dollar shop.





Play Prompt ~ Feeding the Baby

Set up the dolls, bowls, spoons and some playdough for your children to ‘feed the babies!’


Art Prompt ~ Sensory Play

Tiny hands! 💕 Capturing some tiny handprint keepsakes before your children get too big. Fits nicely with our book of the week took ‘Zaza’s Baby Brother.