Teach Maths / Teddy Bear Counting

Do you have plastic counting teddies but need some new ideas?

Most early childhood classrooms have a basket or plastic teddies.  They are primarily used for patterning, sorting and counting.  The activities below are useful for consolidation of counting to ten and early addition.

1.  Use a number line and ask children to match collections of teddies to the correct number.  It is interesting to see the teddiesdifferent ways children decide to tackle this activity.  Record their counting and collection with photos.

2.  Find some old tiles to use as a base.  Children roll a die and collect teddies from the centre of the table.  Ask them to roll the die at least 5 times.  Once they have collected all their teddies they can count the whole collection and use a whiteboard marker to write down the number.  This can then turn into a game with a small group of children taking turns to roll a die.  The child with the most teddies wins.


3.  When beginning early addition it is a good idea to delay the introduction of mathematical symbols until the children are ready.  This activity requires the children to roll the dice once then draw and write the number of teddies in the first box. After repeating this process a number of times, ask them to count all their teddies.  Below is the template  for early addition.  For variation, try using different kinds of die.

PDF File :  teddy counting template   teddies 6