Swirl by Swirl : Spirals in Nature by Joyce Sidman


What a delightful book! Swirl by Swirl is jam packed full of inspiration for play and creating.  Below is a reading of the book (we recommend putting it on mute!)




 Art Prompt ~ Rock Spirals

This simple but visually effective art prompt can be created anywhere! We were on a bush walk and found a pile of rocks just asking to be made into a spiral. We’re keen to continue our spiral making skills at a beach environment too…



Play Prompt ~ Snail Playdough

This play prompt requires very few materials but provides your children with a lovely sensory experience.  We used our easy playdough recipe that your can find here . We hunted high and low for giant shell pasta, used markers to add colour and tooth picks for antennae.




Play Prompt ~ Printing Spirals in  Playdough

For this play prompt you need to go on a spiral hunt first! Look closely around your house and garden to see what you can find to press into playdough.



Art Prompt ~ Spiral Patterns

We created our own pattern mat by drawing using a marker on a hessian runner.  We then used a selection of coloured glass stones to create patterns.