Do your students bring in nests to show you? 

It is important not to encourage children to take nests from the bush, however by the time they have arrived at school it is too late.  The nests in the picture have been brought in by children over a number of years.  They are sometimes used as a provocation for discussion or simply for aesthetic purposes.



  • Printed nests
  • Laminator
  • Play dough with no colouring added
  • Dice
  • A selection of bird’s nests
  • Print out nests and laminate.
  • Make some play dough using our great recipe.

Each student gets a bird’s nest, a dice and some play dough.  The student rolls the dice, counts the number and represents it by making eggs for the nest.  To challenge students’ thinking you may ask them to use two dice or even a different type of dice.  Have a look at the link here at Modern Teaching Aids for all sorts of dice options!