Ike’s Incredible Ink by Brianne Farley


This whimsical story is about Ike who makes his own ink in order to write an incredible story. He goes on an adventure to find the ingredients needed to make his special ink.


Art Prompt ~ Ink Blowing

Simply drop blobs of ink or dye on to paper (diluted food dye will suffice) and blow with a straw to make interesting swirls and tendrils.




Play Prompt ~ Loose Parts Play

For this play prompt, gather a selection of black objects and materials (buttons, pipecleaners, feathers etc) and allow children to use their imagination and creativity to arrange, explore and play with the items as they wish!




Art Prompt ~ Ink and Feathers

Ike took some feathers from the Booga-bird to make his ink.  Visit your kitchen cupboard to make some coffee ink and use feathers for painting.




Art Prompt ~ Sploges to Masterpieces

Drip tea or coffee onto your paper, wait a few moments and then use a black fine liner to turn them into pictures.