Hooray For Fish! By Lucy Cousins

This vibrant book appeals to both children and adults.  It is delightfully colourful, full of imagination and easy to read aloud.  To begin your journey into the deep blue ocean watch  the Hooray For Fish animation below and then try your hand at our simple activities.



Art Prompt ~ Plasticine Art


Use Hooray For Fish as your inspiration to create a plasticine 2D picture.  We used a round piece of cardboard as a base to represent looking though a ships’ porthole.



Play Prompt ~ DIY Rock Pools


Set up some small bowls of water and a variety of objects for children to make their own rock pools.  If you don’t have any colourful sea creatures to add in, the sushi soy sauce fish are a cheaper alternative.  Empty the soy sauce and fill with coloured water to create your own fish.



Art Prompt ~ Coral Garden Sculpture


Cut pool noodles into interesting shapes and use skewers and toothpicks to thread and poke them into a ‘donut’ base. Add pipecleaners for extra texture.  



Play Prompt ~ Shaving Cream Ocean Sensory Play 


We used cake tins and colourful plastic fish that can be purchased from dollar shops or educational toy shops.  Our shaving cream was already blue but if yours is white add a drop of blue food dye.  To promote fine motor skills have some mini tongs and fish nets for catching fish!




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