Need a great book to promote rhyme in your classroom?

Rhyme is one of the most important literacy skills for early childhood learners.  Rhyme helps children to recognise patterns in their language and develop skills for reading.

African animal drawings in artist note books

African animal drawings in artist note books

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andeare is a brilliant resource to introduce rhyme to young readers. We used this book over three days, with each session beginning with a reading of the story to the group.

On the first reading we emphasised the rhyming words in the story. With the second reading we asked the children to finish the rhymes from memory and on the last reading we allowed them to think of alternative rhyming words. We also had a laugh with the children by reading the text using nonsense rhyming words!

A lovely follow up activity for this book is to create artworks based on giraffes and other African animals for ideas below:

  • Jungle painting
  • Observational drawings of wooden African animals and African figures
  • Play dough and broccoli jungle trees