Feathers for Phoebe by Rod Clement


Feathers for Phoebe is another colourful book, we just love the message of this story!


 Art Prompt ~ Clay Birds

For this art prompt display some clay (we used air dry clay for ease), some bright feathers, a display board and some pop sticks and tooth picks for mark making.  After reading the story we thought about how we could make our clay bird colourful.    We then made a nest with eggs of course!


Play Prompt ~ Bird Seed Playdough

This play prompt is so simple but provides your child/ren with a lovely sensory experience.  We used our easy playdough recipe that your can find here and simply added bird seed.  It create a corse and colourful playdough.  We find that you might want to make your playdough a bit stickier than usual as the bird seed absorbs it a little.  Our five year old made a bird feeder and our toddlers rolled more eggs! Check out another way to use your bird seed playdough here.