Farm Themed Sensory Experiences

These sensory experiences will leave your little ones as happy as pigs in mud!


Green SpaghettiIMG_7386

This is an easy and inexpensive sensory experience. Simply cook spaghetti as normal yet add green food dye during the boiling process, in this way the dye will colour the pasta but not stain hands during later use. Once cooked, rinse the pasta under cold water to reduce starch and add a small amount of vegetable oil to keep the spaghetti from sticking.

Tip the spaghetti into a low tub or sensory table once cooled. Toy cows or other herbivores can then be added to frolic and munch on the ‘grass’.


Pigs in MudIMG_7385

Thoroughly wet down some potting mix or garden soil in a large tub for toy pigs to play in. Add materials such as sticks, stone and straw for an easy literacy link. If you have a tub large enough, we suggest having gumboots on hand for youngsters to jump in and really get amongst it! Or for adventurous parents, squelching mud between bare toes could be a fun option!


Ducks in the Duck PondIMG_7394

A shallow dish of water and a family of rubber duckies will provide toddlers with hours of water-play fun! Set up this activity in a sunny outdoor position for an easy clean up and, of course, ensure adult supervision for all water-based activities.