Do your children ever have bad dreams?

It’s always a challenge to explain to children in the middle of the night that ‘it was just a dream!’ Why not avoid it completely with a beautiful dream catcher made by the children themselves. Dream catchers (8)

Begin by asking the children to make a small circle of wire.  Tie on some raffia and the children can wrap it around the wire.  Next, use more raffia to weave a web around the wire. Tie on a hanger and some long pieces to hang on the child’s selection of bits and pieces.  It’s lovely to use pieces the children have collected themselves.  Document the children’s words on luggage tags.

We created our dream catchers as part of a unit of inquiry called ‘What’s Underneath?’ We were discussing what was under our skin and how our brains work. This led to wondering how our imagination works and whether a dream is the same as an imagination? Bad dreams were our major focus in the children’s discussion, hence the dream catchers.  We documented what the children thought about dreams on luggage tags.  We also used Alison Lester’s books Magic Beach and Imagination as inspiration.

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